Rebuttal to Eucalyptus Critic

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It’s a sad day for our free exchange of ideas when the argument is made that there should be a penalty for having an opinion.  In a recent letter from G. Brown, the author proposes that those who support defending our majestic eucalyptus trees be included in a far-reaching potential lawsuit.

Trying to scare those of us with opposing points of view by threatening economic punishment smacks of the dark ages.

Guess what? We don’t all live down the hill from you, toiling quietly, while you (on high) pretend to know what’s best for us. And whether you recognize it or not, the responsible citizens of this great community “own up” to our decisions, both good and bad.  But we do not brood, we do not blame. We bask in this open forum. And you can be sure we care about our environment.

Quite frankly, if the author actually had that “clear sense of reality” being claimed, they would put down their pen and pick up a rake and join me in paying homage to these great trees, who deserve to outlive the both of us.


Mace M. Morse III, Laguna Beach

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  1. “Pay homage to trees.” Are you kidding me! Trees “deserve to outlive” people?
    You voted for Hillary, didn’t you.


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