Recalling a ‘Coyote’ Who Vanished Abruptly



News travels fast these times even before it’s past. Recalling “Coyote Blues” woke me abruptly, John Gardiner’s beautiful collection of prose and poems, one of many he created, his “paean to spirit.”

It was just this past weekend, at the opening of the new Park Plaza, when he and his beloved four-legged companion stopped by, inviting me to BC Space Gallery tonight, a “Gathering of the Tribes” once again as in 2010 for that Winter Solstice when he wrote, “The Impossibility of Death.”

“We consider our self-bordered significance to be the sum of our senses, and yet there is a drop of water outside on a blade of grass, one out of billions of others, and that drop of water is the imbuement of us, the shadows in our brains, our whole imprint. It is the sum of all our mysterious love, all we long for, all we are, all we’ve been- all we’ll ever need to be,” John Gardiner.

My heart is broken. My mind refuses to accept his passing and the sheer beauty of his words haunts me; as I read, he remains.

Remember to howl.

Leah Vasquez, Laguna Beach



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