Reliving a Blue Moment


“Even Pilots Covet a ‘Blues’ Thrill Ride” (Oct. 21 edition) brought a smile of pride for me.

Johnny Magda, my father, was leader of the Blue Angels in 1950, the fourth man to lead them since their creation in 1946.  This year’s leader, Captain Greg McWherter, the 32nd man to lead the team, honored our family once again as VIPs during the Miramar show in October.

My father was killed in the Korean War. But the Blue Angels remind us veterans are a family forever. We owe deep gratitude for the sacrifice of our military and their families. As I watched the Blues this fall, I felt that soar into the sun and blue sky as if I were in that cockpit.

Craig Miller is a lucky man to have felt the rush of flight with the Angels. I would only suggest the title of your article might have been, all pilots covet a Blues thrill ride.

Me, too.


Marni Magda, Laguna Beach


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