Revisit the Compromise Rules on Skateboarding

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Skateboarding is part of the heritage of Laguna Beach.

I attended the meeting where a group of residents made a big splash with signs and tales of fear. They worried about hitting skateboarders with their cars, which is the same risk as hitting a bicyclist or pedestrian.

Police Chief Workman described this as a new problem, but I skateboarded down these streets in the ‘70s and ‘80s wearing only a bathing suit.  There is value to young kids in pushing their limits, falling down and learning lessons.  The fear is unjustified even with a few sad stories of accidents. Fears of lawsuits are not reasonable excuses for limiting freedoms for kids to play.

I am now an older resident and homeowner. I was interested in speaking my mind but the two minutes that the city council asked each person to limit their time to was not upheld and the anti skateboarding group got to talk and take the major part of the night.

My priorities are my three kids – one at Top of the World, one at Thurston and one at the high school.  They should be able to skateboard to the beach without getting chased by police who have better things to do. This is an attack on the history and heritage of this town.

The main group of downhill skaters did work on a compromise with the traffic commission and the City Council did not adopt those suggestions.  The council should revisit the ideas of the Parking, Traffic and Circulation Committee.

Laguna has magical hills that are so special and it’s outrageous that a small group of vocal fear-mongers has convinced the City Council to go this far.

Peter Davidson, Laguna Beach

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  1. I work for a Longboard manufacturer from North Vancouver, BC, where Longboarding has also taken A LOT of heat as of late. We sponsor up and coming young longboarders from around the world, including Laguna, Adelaide, and North Vancouver, were some of the strictest laws are being punitively pushed through by the vocal ‘fear mongers’ Peter has highlighted.

    It is an outrage that government would waste tax payers time and money debating the legality of skateboarding in public spaces. Not only is this a waste of resources, but in a day where sports and fitness is a prominent topic both for American public health and the development of positive activity habits for school age youth where funding has been slashed and re-slashed annually, it’s a doubly ludicrous statement. Where are your priorities!!

    If the ‘fear mongers’ had their own lives to invest in, or an understanding of the sport, maybe they would have less time/inclination to rally against a 14 year old who has landed himself his first sponsorship and will travel around the WORLD representing Laguna and America. Nice move city council, say goodbye to positive PR and tourism dollars.

    Skateboarding is NOT a crime. It’s a pastime, a leisure activity, a competitive sport, and a community. Go chase real CRIME!!!

    Skate Safe Kids and do it EVERYWHERE!!


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