Road Design Improves Intersection’s Efficiency

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I think many people misunderstand the spilt of Laguna Canyon Road to two lanes at El Toro Road, which then merges again to a single lane a few yards further on. Drivers seem to resent anyone using the “extra” lane and some even aggressively refuse to merge or tailgate those that use this legal travel lane.

The extra lane was built at some expense because it keeps traffic moving on Laguna Canyon Road. If the road was just a single lane, traffic would just backup more and stop even sooner. But by allowing two lanes, additional cars can keep moving as they take up both lanes while waiting for the light or congested traffic. Once the light changes, the merge of cars doesn’t slow anyone down and more cars get through the light on a given cycle than if everyone was waiting in a single file.

So the problem isn’t the cars that use the extra lane provided. The problem is that everyone does not and then resents those that use a legal travel lane.

Be adventurous. Use both lanes that were built for you, merge when it’s your turn, and drive gently so we all get home sooner.


Dennis Peters, Laguna Beach

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