Rohrabacher’s Russia Visit

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Should we be worried about the Russians? Absolutely. It was shocking to see our president standing on stage next to Vladimir Putin saying he believed the Russians over our own American intelligence agencies that all agree Russia meddled in our presidential elections.

What’s more upsetting to me as an OC resident is that my member of Congress, Dana Rohrabacher, is completely complicit in this kowtowing to Russia. There’s a reason Rohrabacher is known as “Putin’s favorite Congressman” and Russia attempted to recruit him as a source.

Just this week, Rohrabacher was linked to Maria Butina, who was arrested as a suspected Russian spy trying to infiltrate American politics. This is not a mystery novel; it’s our lives.

As a proud American I’m ashamed that our elected officials are putting foreign interests ahead of our own and bad mouthing our intelligence agencies on the international stage.

We need representatives who are on our side representing us in Congress and standing up for American interests abroad and it’s clear that Rohrabacher and Trump refuse to do that.

Lubna Hammad, Aliso Viejo


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  1. good gravy…so done with the hate, why laguna Beach? you are from Aliso Viejo, so over the spread of this crap, many countries are involved in this stuff..Ask Clinton what she did with the $$$ after selling America’s uranium to Russia, a this stuff for CNN.

  2. Thanks, Mark. Molly, it’s so easy to charge others with being conspiracy theorists. It takes integrity to see things for what they are.


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