Rotary Club of Laguna Beach names April 2022 student of the month

Laguna Beach High School senior Matysse Sybirski. Courtesy of Laguna Beach Rotary

The Rotary Club of Laguna Beach is proud to recognize Laguna Beach High School senior Matysse Sybirski as the April Student of the Month in the field of performing arts.

Matysse has been a part of the dance program since her freshman year. During the first semester this year, she was the stage manager for the Fall Dance Concert. She’s leading senior as they choreograph a routine for their last Spring Dance. Her other academic interests have included AP Ceramics. She is also studying to be an EMT for seasonal work prior to attending the Vancouver Film School to further prepare for a career in the performing arts industry.

“I am extremely lucky to have such amazing people in my life and the opportunities I’ve had. I am so excited,” she said in a press release.

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