San Clemente Tests Complete Streets



Last Saturday City Council members from San Clemente took bicycles to Long Beach to “pedal, ponder, and probe the possibilities of a bicycle- and pedestrian-friendly Spanish Village by the Sea.”


Long Beach has figured out how to create places people want to be and how they want to get there by having a balanced, multi-modal transportation network for all. Motor traffic is calmed, locals bask in sidewalk cafes, pedestrians stroll, bicyclists pedal, businesses thrive and everyone has a smile on their face. That’s why the San Clemente City Council, GPAC, and staff pushed the pedals Saturday.


Councilmember Lori Donchak said it all with this observation: “Long Beach was a real eye-opener about how cycling can be a valued transportation choice in a community. Whether on foot, on bicycle, or in a car, people moving around the city were respectful of each other, and it worked. An added bonus: abundant public art especially appreciated by those on two wheels. It was good to see the Complete Street concept in action,” she said.


Brenda Miller and Les Miklosy, Laguna Beach

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