The Season for Collaboration


Now that we have witnessed the colossal impact of global warming, lived through fires, earthquakes, mud slides, radiation leaks and grid failures, and have the knowledge that oil supply can’t meet demand, doesn’t it make prudent sense to prepare our vulnerable city the best we can?

We are a coastal town near a fault-line with tinderbox hills that imports all of our food and water. I think the two new Councilmen will be every bit as focused and passionate about sustainability as Verna and Jane were. And the new Council takes collective action to put this front and center. This is not a partisan battle.

We have the ingenuity and resources to get this town double downed for supply interruptions and disaster preparedness. We now have a councilman who is an expert on municipal financing. And a former mayor who witnessed, and was shaken by, the devastation and chaos of the ’93 fire. The enormous consequence of carbon emissions is upon us and coming in waves we can’t predict. Just think Sandy!

Bill McKibben was the first scientist to predict global warming. He writes today that if you google global warming and grandchildren, you’ll find thousands of luminaries speaking about the need to address global warming as a legacy for our grandchildren. But he opines the correct reason to do it is for your parents!

Transition Laguna is one organization that is focused on both the small steps we can take in our home and community to prepare, and the larger issues of education and activism. 350.org is another great way to get informed and involved in the battle against climate change on a global scale.

I am excited about the passion, spirit, and resourcefulness of our town and elected officials, and would just like to emphasize the time for political collaboration and positive action on our local stage is exactly now!

Billy Fried, Laguna Beach


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