Skateboard Critic Shares Her View

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May I give my reason why I am against skateboarding in Laguna Beach?

Many years ago I was walking my late dog, Fifi, on the boardwalk. This skateboarder about 30-years-old let his skateboard go without him in control. Needless to say, it hit my ankle, which swelled up. I went to the police department to report the incident. I’ve gone to the City Council to report skateboarders.

Harassing the elderly people is disrespectful.

I recently met an elderly couple returning from a day in Long Beach to see the Queen Mary and the Spruce Goose. This gentleman looked like he’d been in an accident. As this gentleman was waiting to board a bus in Long Beach, a skateboarder who could not stop knocked him down. He went to the emergency room to have stitches to the right side of his head.

I went to the skateboard hearings and sized up the committee. Where are the men to match God’s mountains, majestic and strong? Some of the children spoke and addressed the police officers as cops. What kind of parents do these children have? What are the police officers’ duties to respect the public, to see the law is enforced, and to give respect where it is due when a person is polite to them?

I’ve read all letters to the editor on skateboarders. I am not against skateboarders, but Laguna Beach is not the place in any shape way or form for them. Cities should get together with Irvine and share the cost of building a place for them. I see no other way to the skateboarder problem.

Margaret Butt, South Laguna



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