Skateboarding, the Freedom to Take Risks

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To the speed boarding side: Speed boarding is dangerous.
Asking politely to have permission to do something stupid is even dumber than whatever you were going to do in the first place.
Now you’re dumb twice.
Just go do it.
Pay the fines. Wear a ….. Never mind.
To the concerned citizens: Speed boarding is amazing.
Remember when you were young and dumb and barely survived your own  judgment?
If everyone had your wisdom, experience and perspective on life there would be absolutely no advantage to aging.
Most of wisdom is the result of surviving bad decisions.
Don’t give up the info so freely.
To the City Council: Smile when both sides emote.
You’re dealing with skateboarding.
With any luck, Egypt will soon ponder the same difficult decisions.

Bill Jarrard, Laguna Beach

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