Skipping the Trivial to Save the Earth



How sad that Michael Ray gets a whole column to complain about stop lights (“Road Rage,” April 8, page 3). And all those column inches about skateboarders. We’ve become preoccupied with our own trivial little problems, while the whole planet is groaning from our self-centeredness.

Earth Day is April 22 and there are many events to recognize that we are not alone on this planet. Here are three local events taking place on Saturday April 16: Kelp Fest is to be held at Main Beach to celebrate our concern for the ocean; The Ecology Center in San Juan Capistrano is holding an all-day Earth Day event; and the Laguna Canyon Foundation is holding various events where you can volunteer to help remove invasive plants. Check paper for details. UC Irvine also holds a major Earth Day event.

The world’s largest Earth Day fair is held in Balboa Park in San Diego Sunday, April 17. You can enjoy a nice train ride on Amtrak from San Juan station so you don’t have to worry about stop lights and other drivers impeding your progress and also minimize your carbon emissions at the same time.

Charles Alban, Laguna Beach



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