Sounding Off Over Tree Obstruction



Re: City Council Meeting of Jan. 15


Oh what a night

and it was a sight

to hear the plight

of our tree blight

that keeps an ocean view

to a mere peek-a-boo.

Hooray for Kelly Boyd who

who stood up for me and you

so that we can see that body of blue

our canyons and  beautiful sky,

it just wants to make me cry.


I think that the City Council became aware of the pent up frustration with how the original tree ordinance was written and the limitations it placed to those who had or have a view.  Unfortunately, there are a few who have used

trees for not neighborly purposes and frustrated

those who love trees but are thoughtful in how we maintain them and place them in gardens to maintain the heritage that is really Laguna – our views.


Ganka Brown, Laguna Beach

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  1. Please advise all the Laguna Beach community that the next meeting of the ad hoc committee will be Feb 19th at the SuzyQ community center.
    Starts at 4:30pm. This is the View Preservation Committee that is working on an enforceable view ordiance.

    Thank you ,

    Steve Caporaso


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