Speedboarding Is Incomprehensible



We are in favor of banning the speedboarding in our neighborhood, for the safety of these teens and residents, and for decreased personal and city liabilities. We are convinced that this activity is dangerous and should not be allowed in the neighborhood streets in Laguna Beach.

We live on Van Dyke and come across these speedboarders on Bluebird Canyon, Summit Drive, Temple Hills, and Glenneyre while we are in the car, and they just come right towards us downhill. With them not wearing helmets or protective gear, and with low visibility clothing (sometimes this happens around dusk), it is lucky that an accident has not happened. These teens may think that it is thrilling to do this, but if an accident occurred and they were injured for life, then it would be too late to regret it.

It is incomprehensible to us that the parents of these teens allow them to do this, knowing the danger. But they may not know. So, for the safety of these teens, please stop this insane activity in our neighborhood and ban speedboarding on neighborhood streets.

Sylvie and Rick Franz, Laguna Beach



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