Sports: Calendar Changes Seasons For Next Year

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Laguna families are in for a surprise next year with the new Southern Section CIF sports calendar.

The high school sports season has been moved back, beginning next season as adopted by CIF.

Below is the sports calendar from 2012-13, which is the last time Labor Day was on Sept. 3, compared to next fall’s calendar, which also has a Sept. 3 Labor Day.

Winter sports for all levels start regular season play well before the Thanksgiving break while spring sports start before Laguna’s ski week, not after as in recent years.

Next year’s sport schedules at Laguna Beach High School have not been finalized.

Many long-standing, in-season tournaments have moved from their traditional dates to accommodate the new calendar.


1st Contest  Last Contest   CIF Playoffs      CIF Finals   State

Fall Sports                

X -CC                          30-Aug           2-Nov               10-Nov             17-Nov      24-Nov

G Tennis                    20-Aug           26-Oct              10/30 – 11/7   9-Nov         17-Nov

G Volleyball               13-Aug           11-Oct              10/16-10/27   3-Nov         11/6-11/17

B Water Polo            20-Aug           25-Oct              10/30-11/7     10-Nov      17-Nov


Winter Sports         

Basketball                  12-Nov          1-Feb                2/5-2/16          23-Feb       2/26-3/9

Soccer                        12-Nov          31-Jan              2/5-2/16          23-Feb       2/26-3/9

G Water Polo            12-Nov          31-Jan              2/5-2/13          16-Feb       23-Feb


Spring Sports           

Baseball                     9-Feb              26-Apr              4/30-5/14        18-May

Softball                      9-Feb              26-Apr              4/30-5/14        18-May

B Volleyball               16-Feb           24-Apr              4/27 – 5/8        11-May      18-May

B Tennis                     11-Feb           26-Apr              4/30-5/8          10-May      18-May

Track                           16-Feb           26-Apr              4-May               11-May      25-May


2018-19 select LBUSD Holidays:                         

Ski Week is 2/18 – 2/22               

Spring Break 4/8 – 4/12         




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