Sprinkles Awaken the Magic of Possibilities

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It is such a privilege to put on my wings and wand and play the Christmas Wish Faerie on Hospitality Night in Laguna. People think that only kids come to make two wishes – one for themselves and one for the world. But many adults come. There is magic in it and it starts the holidays off with feelings of wonder and delight.

Jessica deStefano, aka the wish faerie, with Deb Conroy.
Jessica deStefano, aka the wish faerie, with Deb Conroy.

This year after making her wishes, local artist Olivia Batchelder told me this story. “When I was a little girl,” she said, “we moved repeatedly because my dad was in the service. Some years we would move four or five times. It was hard because we would just make friends and then we’d have to pack up and leave. My father was very strict and stern about it, but mother was always trying to make things light and fun.

“One day mother was acting very strange. She kept going to her purse and nervously opening it and closing it again. I was worried. I asked what was wrong. She fidgeted with her purse some more. ‘I want to give you girls something, but I don’t know if you are old enough.’ I was about 10 and my sister 9 at the time. Finally, she opened up her purse and took out two corked glass test tubes filled with a light glittery powder. One was blue and one was pink. She said it was pixie dust. The only pixie dust I knew of was from the movie ‘Peter Pan.’ In the movie if you were sprinkled with pixie dust you were instantly transported to a magical place called Never Neverland.

“I’m going to give you girls this pixie dust,” she said. “If you decide to use it, I want you to remember your Dad and I love you very much.” Then she handed us each a tube. We went off to our bedroom excited beyond belief.

“There was a big French window in our room. We opened it and sat on the sill with our legs dangling out, just like in Peter Pan. We sat together for what seemed like hours debating whether or not we should leave our parents and go to Never Neverland. What about school? What about our toys and clothes? We would have to leave them behind, maybe never to return. What would our parents do?

“Finally, after convincing ourselves that our parents would be okay, we counted to three and dumped the pixie dust on each other’s head. Nothing happened! We sat there a while until it dawned on us nothing was going to happen. We were disappointed and mad. But when we complained to our mother she only said, ‘I know, but wasn’t it fun?’ ”

That is how I feel about sprinkling faerie dust on Hospitality Night. Even if it can’t always make every wish come true, isn’t it fun? And if you believe in magic, who knows… That’s why I always say …May all your wishes come true!

Jessica deStefano, Laguna Beach

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