St. Mary’s completes food drive supporting Laguna Food Pantry

St. Mary’s Episcopal Church members Linda Bratcher, Susan Moore, Kathy Salter, Dick Swintek, and Rebecca Lyles with staples donated to Laguna Food Pantry earlier this year. Photo courtesy St. Mary’s

St Marys Episcopal Church recently finished its food drive to help hungry families who still get free groceries from the Laguna Food Pantry in greater numbers during the pandemic.

Church members donated a different staple food each month for six months and delivered multiple bags of food to the Pantry monthly. By focusing on gathering one or two staple items per month, St Marys helped the Pantry staff and volunteers avoid sorting donated food.

The church gathered in 144 cans of beans in June, 263 tins of tuna in July, 130 jars of peanut butter and jelly in August, 52 boxes of cereal and 50 packets of rice in September, 52 packets of pasta and 70 jars of pasta sauce in October, and 104 boxes of mac n cheese in November. These are the staples most in demand at the Pantry. St. Marys parishioners donated a total of just over 900 pounds of food.

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