Stepping on the Soapbox for Sidewalks



The continuing barrage of letters from the same group of people concerning their narrow view of transportation in Laguna Beach is tiresome. Increasingly, it seems these writers would like to isolate Laguna Beach by banning any vehicles other than bicycles or public transit. I can hardly wait to grocery shop by trolley.


Have we arrived at a point when only a tiny percent of folks in this town hold jobs that require them to work outside the city? Do the vast majority have so much time on their hands they can walk or bike to complete all their errands? Should children walk to school at El Morro?


When the bicycle crowd starts to pay its fair share of road maintenance (as other registered vehicles do), some of their ideas might carry a tiny bit more weight. In the meantime, if they don’t like biking here, it’s not a requirement.


Since I walk daily, I would much rather see the long-promised sidewalks in various neighborhoods become reality than more lanes for bicyclists who often run red lights (check out Coast Hwy. and Wesley for starters), turn directly in front of other vehicles or scream at motorists for merely trying to edge past them. Pedestrians, I’ve found, are friendlier and less demanding. If there’s a sidewalk it gets used; where there isn’t one, well, we’re just more careful.


Perhaps the Indy should institute a policy that limits how often any one letter-writer can be published. In that spirit, I will not engage in further discussion on this topic in this forum. Besides, eliminating serial letter-writers might encourage those who want additional exposure to buy an ad for whatever cause they want to trumpet. I’m sure any newspaper could use the revenue.


Sandi Cain, Laguna Beach


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