Stop Sign Removal Should be Reconsidered

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Bravo to Kyle Schroeder for his letter regarding the city’s decision to eliminate stop signs on Monterey Drive. I agree that it is one of the worst mistakes our council has ever made. I live in North Laguna and walk Monterey to Linden daily, using the bike lane. I have never had a problem in sharing the route with the few other pedestrians and bikers I encounter. What is the controversy here? Monterey is a route for neighborhood residents and school buses and is usually very quiet, although I have noticed an increase in traffic and vehicle speeds lately. The existing stop signs help slow traffic down and provide a calming influence. To remove them would allow more reckless driving and biking and create a serious lapse in safety.

Please, Mayor Whalen and other councilmembers who favored this ill-advised action, reconsider it. You have an obligation to protect the citizens of Laguna Beach. Thank you.


Bette Anderson, Laguna Beach



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