Students Guaranteed ‘Safe Rides’ Home


The Safe-Rides program, sponsored by Laguna Beach Rotary, Mission Hospital and the Boy Scouts of America, is now underway for this academic year. Safe-Rides, which has a dedicated telephone number that has been publicized to Laguna students, provides transportation home for stranded junior high and high school students. The phone line is open from 10 p.m. to 1:30 a.m. on most Saturday nights during the school year to receive calls from students who find themselves in stranded or precarious situations and who need to ask for a ride home.

The program’s simple objective is to protect our young adults from injury or worse. To ensure the program’s success, all activity is conducted in the strictest confidence. The fact that eight students were transported on the program’s first night of operation demonstrates its value. The first team of student volunteers included Will Robinson, Christianne Kondu and Aaron Swartz. Tallie and Bill Parrish served as adult supervisors.

Safe-Rides operates from a Mission Hospital staging area in South Laguna.

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