Surf Team Wins Oceanside Contest


By Coaches Alisa Cairns and Scott Finn

Anika Pitz readies for her heat.
Anika Pitz readies for her heat.

Laguna Beach High School’s surf team came up with a win Sunday in Oceanside during the final event of the Scholastic Surf Series season.

Laguna took on the hometown Oceanside team and took the overall win with nearly the entire team advancing into the individual competition.

The 3-4 foot surf and offshore winds provided summer like weather.

Sean Siegrist, Tobie Grierson, Zach Levine and Dylan Davis were all strong in the shortboard, while Eric Siegrist and Tobie Grierson did well in the longboard.

Tobie went several rounds and just came up short of making the final heat in longboard.

Anika Pitz and Cayla Henderson had to step up and surf both short board and longboard. Anika went several rounds on longboard, barely missing the final.

Jack Dickerson, strong all year in the bodyboard and now fully recovered from a broken arm, finished third place overall, the lone Individual finalist at this event

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