Tales of a Bowl Game Marathoner



I am a college football nut and my blood flows cardinal and gold. I watched so many made-for-TV bowl games during the holidays that by the long New Year’s weekend they all became one big blur, and that wasn’t the end of the so-called bowl season.

Most bowl games provided three hours of continuous entertainment consisting of meaningless “blah blah” by egocentric announcers and occasionally some good football. Is every tackle, block, run, pass, or catch “great”? Come on, give me a break!! There are hundreds of descriptive adjectives in the English language. Give these guys just one, and in 60 seconds it’s used 60 times. 

Games were played preceding the New Year’s weekend on work days and during working hours. No wonder that so many stadiums were nearly empty! The only possible TV audiences could be the retired, unemployed, or really “Desperate Housewives“. Advertising space appeared to be at a premium, being carefully draped around some stadiums for the best TV exposure. Some stadiums had so many ads and banners that the places looked like the Las Vegas Strip on a holiday weekend.

What about those TV time outs? They all last 10 minutes, and sometimes seem almost deliberately timed to interrupt the flow of a game on the playing field. 

  Brent “Mushmouth” did the TV play by play again this year for my always favorite Rose Bowl game. Wow! If he’s the best ABC has to offer for a prime time showcase event, then (heaven forbid) my blood may curdle and change to blue and gold.

TV coverage of some 30 plus bowl games does seem a bit over the top, but I can’t wait until the next football season.


Don Knapp, Laguna Beach


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