The Democracy of Discourse


Re:  Peter Navarro’s letters.

Thank you for setting me straight. In fact, I was truly impressed by your defense, and now believe we share many of the same opinions. My portfolio could indeed use some improvement and I will certainly look into your investment analysis.

However, you are mistaken in some of your assessments and for others you are simply wrong. However, I appreciate the dialogue because ultimately it is in the free exchange of opinion that is the hallmark of a thriving democracy.

Even though I have been counseled by some not to respond, thereby provoking another response, I am doing so because it is in the process of public discourse that ideas and opinions can be fully examined. Therefore, I do not understand why you maintain some of the negative assessments that you do given your lack of any reasonable criterion that would support them.

Cindalee Penney – Hall, Laguna Beach

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