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A sample of what’s been donated or consigned for sale.
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Sports Swap Set for Saturday

A sample of what’s been donated or consigned for sale.
A sample of what’s been donated or consigned for sale.

Gently used skim boards, snowboards, surfboards, wetsuits, paddleboards, skateboards, bikes, golf clubs, tennis racquets, baseball and snow gear and balls of all sorts go on sale Saturday, Nov. 4, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the Thurston Middle School gym.

Local retailers have also been invited to bring their gently used demos, rentals and new merchandise, priced to sell.

A clearance sale will run from 1-3 p.m. with prices marked down by 50 percent.

The Boys and Girls Club of Laguna Beach and HomeRun Hopefuls will be the recipients of any unsold equipment.











No Dodging Creativity

Team Atomic Fireballs, fourth-fifth grade division.
Team Atomic Fireballs, fourth-fifth grade division.Photo by Kristin Karkoska, Blue Sky’s Studio.




Don’t Stop Ballievin’. The Dodgefathers. Throwbocops. These are among the 56 teams that battled to win SchoolPower’s eighth dodgeball tournament last month.

Over 500 costumed players, coaches, referees and scorekeepers and spectators filled the high school gymnasiums.

The following teams dodged their way to victory for best costumes: in 4th-5th grade division, Dodgefathers; 6th-8th grade division, Dodge IT; and in high school/adult division, a tie: LBHS teachers Disco Ballers and TOW teachers Golden Ballers.

It’s not everyday, a principal wears gold lamé pants to a school function.

“For me, Dodgeball really embodies the spirit of this community,” former event organizer Frana Sadler said in a statement. “It’s energetic, fun and competitive. It also unites our Laguna Beach families with the SchoolPower community and that’s a great thing.”

New dodgeball chairs Kristine Flynn and Rob Alshuler organized this year’s event with the help of other volunteers.

The adult division included two teams from event sponsor Montage Laguna Beach and radio station KX 93.5, which provided a broadcast and play-by-play of the tournament.



Pro Racer Shows Tenacity

Nicolai Elghanayan races at Laguna Seca.
Nicolai Elghanayan races at Laguna Seca.

Laguna local and pro race car driver Nicolai Elghanayan finished 13th in a pack of 26 racers at the Pirelli World Challenge at Laguna Seca in Monterey on Oct. 15, handing out autographs to the fans who cheered his comeback.

Elghanayan spun out in his Lotus, designed for another race, in the first series on day one, but his team repaired the car and he kept his focus on passing his competitors driving larger cars.

He will race again, in a new car, next March.




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