They did it Again



Laguna’s best kept secret is the Laguna Beach Chamber Singers that give free concerts twice a year.  Sunday, April 29, they performed at the Laguna Presbyterian Church.  Entitled, “That Old Time Religion,” the program promised some of the “greatest sacred music hits, very old to very new, classical to gospel.” And that is what they delivered, an eclectic mix of short pieces, many of which drew standing ovations.

In this short letter, I cannot mention the names of many of the 18 members who sang solos, but all were outstanding.  The director, Cory Winter, a widely traveled professional tenor, wowed the audience with spectacular high notes.

Because of the varied nature of this and previous programs, I cannot recommend highly enough that all Laguna residents should take advantage of this local gem, whose next concert will be in December.

Joel Kotin, Laguna Beach

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