Touched by Grace



By Susan McNeal Velasquez
By Susan McNeal Velasquez

   The Present and the Future have agreed to a blind date.

They each have considerable charisma and are highly regarded as substantial within their individual circle of friends. Therefore, it was fated that one of their mutual friends, Grace, who was blessed with the ability to see potentially potent possibilities in unlikely places, would decide to do a little match-making.

The Present surprised herself by accepting Future’s invitation to meet. Her easy yes surfaced partly because it was one of her favorite words, but more importantly because he reached her at the exact pause point between the end of one involvement and the feeling of being ready to entertain new interests.

The Present lives a paradoxical life. She is masterful at wholehearted participation. However, being deeply engaged in moment-to-moment living gives her no opportunity to gaze out beyond the moment to muse and dream about what lies ahead.

The Future is a risk taker. He is gifted with foresight. He has a flair for coaxing images of adventure and ultimately successful outcomes out of wishes and hopes that are no more than just  sparks of an idea.

The Future is motivated to meet the Present based upon the strong endorsement of her unique qualities. The Sun confessed during one of his night’s off that the beauty of the Present made him eager to rise each and every day. That comment alone was enough to set the Future’s  imagination in motion.

Since the Sun and the Present are long-time friends, Future decided to capitalize on that already established trust relationship by suggesting that he would meet the Present for a leisurely walk around a beautiful lake.

There, under the Sun’s protective eye, they could savor learning about one another.

Future normally preferred to dazzle his potential new love interests with a breath-taking display of charm and a varied agenda of interesting and fast-moving experiences. However, he had been cautioned by the Sun that the Present has a strong belief that more and bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better.

Actually, the Present was aware of the Future’s reputation. He was held in the highest esteem by some and resented and feared by others. She had heard extravagant stories of fame and fortune as well as havoc and ruin associated with his name.

Present was pleased with the Future’s decision of a meeting place. She felt complimented by his willingness to defer to her well-known preference for places that held out the opportunity to soften, deepen and open to new levels of connection that only visits when we take life at a slower pace.

The fact that the Future was both admired, feared or avoided was something that the Present and he had in common. The difference was in the way that it played out in their lives. The Future is highly sought after as the antidote to current problems and pain and then gets blamed when he doesn’t deliver on unrealistic expectations of all benefits and no costs.

The Present never uses her energies to entice anyone to do anything differently. Her only consistent message is: “Come and be with me. Stay up close and personal and we will experience life’s preciousness here and now.” She feels her message is simple and complete. Therefore, she is surprised at how few accept her heartfelt invitation. Even those who do say yes once or twice use any excuse they can find to procrastinate on their next visit.

The Present and the Future realize that their coming together is a miraculous gift that will fully transform each of their lives, if they allow it. Here is some of what they’ve discovered.

The Present invites us to show up moment by moment. Her unspoken question is: “Why am I talked about positively while my experience is that I am avoided and fled from by most?” Her secret is: “I am no longer willing to live alone.”

The Future generates imaginative visions that whip up winds of delight, courage and new motivations. He encourages us to stand up and show up because tomorrow is a new day filled with abundant possibilities. His unspoken statement is: “I am no longer willing to live alone.”

The Present and the Future are joining forces to create a sacred, rather than scared partnership. Their connection will birth new possibilities for enthusiastic participation in the business of living.

They are sending us each a sincere invitation to deepen our awareness, involvement and commitment to our lives. Please RSVP. The New Year 2014 is almost here.


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