TOW Greenhouse Opens its Doors

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TOW’s garden sprouts a new addition, a recently completed greenhouse.
TOW’s garden sprouts a new addition, a recently completed greenhouse.

Students at Top of the World Elementary will get a chance to learn first-hand about sustainability and harvest fresh produce for the Laguna Beach Food Pantry in the school’s new greenhouse, a school district statement said.

PTA proposed the greenhouse and food program in successfully seeking a grant from Seeds of Change, a Rancho Dominguez non-profit that supports community gardens from sales of some Mars Corporation brands.

The greenhouse was intended as a place to germinate student interest in increasing the garden’s yield and its contributions to the food pantry, the statement said.

When the Giving Garden Food Program won the $10,000 grant, TOW’s PTA matched it, resulting in a $20,000 construction budget.

The finished greenhouse will enrich the outdoor classroom experience for upper-grade students, said Principal Michael Conlon.

Members of the PTA worked with facilities managers to select a site for the geodesic dome, which includes a solar-powered central air system, an above ground pond, and automatic vents.

Students will study how living organisms interact within an ecosystem to be self-sustainable. Koi and water plants will eventually inhabit the pond that will help keep the greenhouse humid and provide nutrient-rich water to be used for planting, the statement said.


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