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Indy on Arts

Indy on Arts Calendar from Friday, Oct. 7 through Thursday, Oct. 13 plus ongoing happenings in Laguna

City Hall Meetings

Monday, Oct. 10 Tech Comm Committee, 4:30 p.m., Community Center   Tuesday, Oct. 11 Complete Street Task Force, 5 p.m., Susi Q Community Center. Special meeting of City Council, 5 p.m., Council Chambers   Wednesday, Oct. 12 Laguna Canyon Flood Mitigation Task Force, 4...

Community Datebook

Two Moms ‘Wig Out’ for Two Causes, Laguna’s Origins Inform Current Practices, Learn the Truth About Abuse, Nurturing Water-saving Habits, Seminar Focuses on the World’s End, and Plastic Bag Workshop Planned



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Musings on the Coast

Surprises Behind Cuba’s Socialist Curtain When you enter most undeveloped countries, your bags are checked by rough guards armed with Uzi machine guns. When you enter Cuba, your bags are checked by unarmed, startling young women. Their uniforms are skin-tight, low cut,...
Posted On 11 Jun 2015

Taking Stock

The Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days Of Summer The stock market beat goes on. Rumors of Greece defaulting on government debt scare investors and stocks then dip. Rumors that its debt problem will somehow be restructured send the market back up. After a couple of these zigzags, stocks...

Village Matters

Miracle or not; the Dilemma of the Jacaranda Just lying here all weekend, it was a quiet Memorial Day, no sun, no beach-goers, lovely coolness. My leg swollen and black and blue, typing on the computer while keeping my leg high, trying to get the swelling down. When the mind is...

Inside Out

Pilgrim’s Progress Blocked at the Gate         Death. Mortality. Spring-like thoughts they are not. Spring is about new life, beginnings not endings. Why then such gloomy reflections on death? My younger sister, living in Dallas with a husband and two sons, ages 17 and 18, died...

Guest Column: Poor Hunting

Celia was delivering a baby when most of her community left. The hunting had decreased progressively, they had to leave or starve. Celia was weak herself from inadequate food. She feared for her infant daughter who was small and had some difficulty nursing. Many infants had not...

Taking Stock

Here Comes June, Here Comes The Economy The economy contracted during the first quarter. The Atlanta Federal Reserve Bank, which accurately predicted this disappointing first quarter, just updated its forecast for the current second quarter to a 1.1% increase in GDP. This doesn’t...