Community Datebook

Community Datebook

Flood Task Force Seeks Members The City Council is accepting applications for seven at-large members of the community, including two from canyon neighborhoods, to serve six months on a flood mitigation task force. The deadline is Feb. 23. The task force, which will also include...



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Tennis Anyone

My neck hurts. I’ve been watching the back and forth volley regarding resurfacing the tennis courts. The baseline-to-baseline action has been fast and furious. Many Laguna spectators have given up altogether and have switched to the lawn bowling action in Heisler Park.  “Much...

Alive Again

It is nearly 7 p.m. You are at home minding your own business when there is a knock at the door. You stroll down the hall alongside thoughtfully placed family pictures. The grandparents, school photos etc. You smile slightly as you always do while passing them. Cheerfully you...

Finding Home

There are over 100 registered non-profits in Laguna Beach. Nearly every one of them supports the needs and interests of locals, and every one of them is constantly on the quest for funding to fulfill their missions. Today, every day, and year after year, non-profit organizations...
Posted On 20 Mar 2014

Taking Stock

The Catalyst King Stocks sometimes get a catalytic boost from news of a spin-off or of an activist investor buying shares. Like stock splits, there are no immediate changes in the company’s financial status but the prospect of change encourages investors. General Electric...

The Jewel at Our Feet

By Catherine Cooper Who in Laguna does not love the ocean? Every week thousands of us – residents and tourists alike – stroll the beaches, bathe in the sun, swim or surf, or simply congregate on sea walls and decks to watch an evening’s sunset. The Pacific is like our homing...

The Thing About Twitter

I found a writers’ community at Twitter. Writers of all types. Editors. Publishers. Book reviewers. E-zines. Lit-zines. Indy book promoters. Strangers all, until the first reply, the retweet, the favorite. Suddenly, friendly acquaintances. Bonded by mutual interest. What I...
Posted On 13 Mar 2014