Community Datebook

Community Datebook

Car Restrictions Reviewed on Narrow Lane A request to restrict parking in the 400 and 500 blocks of Alta Vista Way from Nido Way to Kilo Way will be considered by the city’s Parking, Traffic and Circulation Committee on Thursday, March 24, at 6 p.m. in the Community Center. The...

Community Datebook

Assistance Grants Request Due Today Today, Friday, Feb. 25, is the last day to submit applications for the Community Assistance Grant program for the current fiscal year. Applications must be delivered to the community services department at 515 Forest Avenue, by 5 p.m. The grant...

Conservancy Members Host Borella

The newly named executive director of the Laguna Canyon Foundation, Max Borella, is the featured speaker at the Laguna Canyon Conservancy dinner meeting, Monday, March 7, at Tivoli Terrace.



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High-Risk Parenting

“Can we go driving today,” my older son asks with the mellifluous cadence of a scene from “Driving Miss Daisy.” Did he just wink while saying that? My oldest son is 16 and wants to drive Laguna’s skinny, crowded, hilly streets, where people run across the highway without looking....

Rewriting Life Stories

You might say Lagunan Kaira Rouda has spent a lifetime reinventing lives – her own as well as others. She moved around during childhood, from the mid-west to points south and west, and she has shifted jobs several times, although not careers. From journalist to copywriter...
Posted On 15 May 2014

Slow Down For ‘Yo Nana

Don’t run as fast as you; don’t forget I was young too. It may seem a little bold, like I’m trying to scold. Next time you feel like running me ova’ Remember, I could be some kid’s Lagu-nana!   Natalie D. Forbes, Laguna Beach

Beyond Expectations

  Most people bring a casserole or a salad to a potluck, but Loraine Hollingsworth of Laguna Canyon brought cactus pads (nopales) and a ukulele. There were two large tough prickly pear cactus pads, and several new thin tender ones. The large tough ones were for planting at...

Connection Erases Fears of the Homeless

By Karen K. Redding It’s that time of year again when I begin to say “good bye” to the MSW interns whom I have supervised over the past academic year at Friendship Shelter. It’s both remarkable and by now almost predictable that what began for students’ as massive feelings of...

Mothering, A Never Ending Story

I am a daughter. I am a mother. I am a grandmother. Soon I will be a great-grandmother. My four daughters are currently immersed in the swirl of active child raising. I, on the other hand, now have a walk-on part instead of a lead role on the motherhood stage. My mother lived...