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Taking Stock

Three For The Road Aftershocks continue from the Financial Crisis and the worldwide Great Recession, which bottomed out five years ago. Their impact was the most severe since the Great Depression. Scars to the global economy were deep and widespread with a lasting impact on...

Chardonnay Wives: Hungry Husbands

By Michele McCormick  A Laguna Beach husband comes into my therapy office and says, “She’s drunk. I just texted from my car. She said dinner was ready. She’s in the kitchen working on her second bottle of wine. The first one is trashed. So is she. Right, Doc? Look, I know she’s...

View Ordinance Proves a Big Disappointment

By Steve Caporaso and Marianne Blume Over a year ago, then Mayor Kelly Boyd “raised a passionate plea to improve the city’s current view preservation ordinance, which he said, now has no teeth in it whatsoever and often pits neighbor against neighbor”. (See Jan. 12, 2013...

After the Storm

A wave of disappointment enveloped our city due to the necessary cancellation of our 48th Patriot’s Day Parade, scheduled for March 1. Meticulous planning and countless hours of volunteer efforts plus money spent without the satisfaction of successful completion brings a...

A Car’s Life

Being a car is a tough existence. Laguna Beach makes me an exile. Special meetings take place about us. Proposals have been made to build a faraway structure where cars like me can be far from view. It makes no difference what color you are. Even if you are pretty, fast or come...

Sea Star Struck

Twinkle, twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are.  In the sea you cling to rock so hard like the lobster pot pie tossed in my brother’s eye. Ah, I can’t help but remember some memorable food fights around the dining room table when we were kids. Much to mother’s chagrin,...