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Conservancy Members Host Borella

The newly named executive director of the Laguna Canyon Foundation, Max Borella, is the featured speaker at the Laguna Canyon Conservancy dinner meeting, Monday, March 7, at Tivoli Terrace.

Community Datebook

Does the OC Measure Up? Find out how far your tax dollars go when the League of Women Voters hear from Lisa Burke, project manager for the Community Indicators Report, at 9:15 a.m., Saturday Feb. 26, 1041 Madison Place, who will describe how Orange County measures up. Burke will...

Community Datebook

Flood Task Force Seeks Members The City Council is accepting applications for seven at-large members of the community, including two from canyon neighborhoods, to serve six months on a flood mitigation task force. The deadline is Feb. 23. The task force, which will also include...



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Scrape or Savor

“They scraped it,” my neighbor told me at Willa’s garden party. That was the first I knew that the Stonehenge house was actually being demolished. We tried very hard to prevent that demolition, but lost. Still, I thought, maybe something will intervene; maybe the owner would even...

Serving Up a Solution to Sibling Rivalry

By Coach Everett Gee I am a retired physician with a wife and five kids, so one can only imagine how crazy and chaotic our household might be. It was a hot summer day and my two boys, Ethan, 11, and Ryan, 13, were cooped up in the house and as usual started getting on ea...

Charm Tour de Force

Opposites attract, right? It certainly explains why my wife and I get along. She exudes charm, optimism, intelligence, empathy and goodwill to all creatures large and small. Enough said about her. Let’s talk about me. Without me she wouldn’t look so good. Remember behind every...

Urban Planner Out to Pasture

Three top notch urban design teams and an also ran pitched their visions and credentials to secure the role in shaping Laguna Beach’s development policies in downtown and along Laguna Canyon. The chosen planner is still up in the air. You can tell how faraway the decision is by...

High-Risk Parenting

“Can we go driving today,” my older son asks with the mellifluous cadence of a scene from “Driving Miss Daisy.” Did he just wink while saying that? My oldest son is 16 and wants to drive Laguna’s skinny, crowded, hilly streets, where people run across the highway without looking....

Rewriting Life Stories

You might say Lagunan Kaira Rouda has spent a lifetime reinventing lives – her own as well as others. She moved around during childhood, from the mid-west to points south and west, and she has shifted jobs several times, although not careers. From journalist to copywriter...
Posted On 15 May 2014