Community Datebook

Community Datebook

Assistance Grants Request Due Today Today, Friday, Feb. 25, is the last day to submit applications for the Community Assistance Grant program for the current fiscal year. Applications must be delivered to the community services department at 515 Forest Avenue, by 5 p.m. The grant...

Conservancy Members Host Borella

The newly named executive director of the Laguna Canyon Foundation, Max Borella, is the featured speaker at the Laguna Canyon Conservancy dinner meeting, Monday, March 7, at Tivoli Terrace.

Community Datebook

Does the OC Measure Up? Find out how far your tax dollars go when the League of Women Voters hear from Lisa Burke, project manager for the Community Indicators Report, at 9:15 a.m., Saturday Feb. 26, 1041 Madison Place, who will describe how Orange County measures up. Burke will...



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Honoring America’s Patriots

Each July 4 we celebrate Independence Day, the day on which our nation pauses to honor and to extend gratitude for those many great American patriots that served, fought, or died defending and preserving the liberties our founding fathers held sacred.  However, we must also...

New Appreciation for Laguna’s Pool

  Thankfully we have our pool back. The Aqua Fit class dutifully follows our Princess Mermaid, Helen Conroy. She optimistically leads us year after year as we work hard and hardly notice. She inspires us with her wisdom. “We are so lucky to be here. Think how many women are...

Senior Center Moment

  I read in the Indy that the senior center is looking for a younger crowd.  Be careful what you wish for.  Suppose they get what they want.  The demographic goes from 63 to 11. Won’t we have to change the name to the Susi Q Senior Boys & Girls Club? And then, the...

Summer Hibernation Starts

Enjoy what’s left of your off season routine. Last Saturday, June 21, marked the official start of summer and the arrival of tourists. With the economy recovering, this year we can expect more people in town than ever. Additionally, Irvine has been hurriedly producing new homes...

Say No to Car Deaths

Editor, How lovely to drive along the Coast Highway, rays of sun painting the waves, shimmering, the white crests pounding onto the sand. If you are fortunate you may even see a formation of pelicans, gliding on the air, inches above the sea. Their instinct guides them to a safe...

Be Prepared for Seduction

  Don’t drive a Tesla . . . unless you’re prepared to be utterly smitten by its features and performance and sticker-shocked at the $100,000 plus price tag. I drove the Model S recently and experienced both shock and awe. As a proud, Volvo-driving, tree-hugger living on the...
Posted On 26 Jun 2014