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Wisdom Workout

Exercising Your Own Voice My friend of 38 years came to stay with me. She needed to get away from home. She is 90 and recently had a mild stroke. Though the damage done is almost imperceptible, she has had to do physical and speech therapies to regain the mental and physical...

Guest Column

True North By Maurice Possley With the recent news of the death of Osama bin Laden, we praise the hearts of the courageous team of Navy SEALs that pulled off the dangerous mission. At the same time, my heart aches for the family of Mark Metherell, a man of great courage and even...

Taking Stock

Reverting to the Mean Buying excitement inspired by the news of the successful raid on Osama bin Laden faded in a few hours on the stock market, leaving investors stalemated by absence of any similarly encouraging economic news. The market swings to and fro in response to...

Village Matters

All in the Point of View For nine years I lived and worked in a house on the oceanfront.  Dramatic views and crashing waves were constant embellishments to my life.  It was lovely but lonely. Our house was one in a row of houses, every one facing out to the ocean view. There was...

Wisdom Workout

Creditability A letter came from a credit card company, thanking me for my loyalty. Call me shameless, but not only am I disloyal to Master Card, I am triple-timing him. I remember my first credit card. American Express. Unfortunately, the relationship was somewhat disappointing....

McWeather Or Not

South Swell  Department Opens A late season Santa Ana condition has sent temperatures skyrocketing up to 20 degrees above normal here in Laguna. What a picture perfect day. It’s a cooker, 88 degrees at water’s edge with Catalina in full view. Spending the entire day here at the...