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McWeather or Not

That’s Why We Live Here!   Turkey weekend’s incredible weather was a perfect example of why we live in this beautiful corner of the world. While most of the nation is gearing up for Ol’ Man Winter’s arrival, we’re laughin’ under bright  sunshine and 80 degree temps ...

Get Out of the House

Tis the Season I’m writing this as another Sunday draws to a close. Early morning hike in the hills, late breakfast with the family, a few errands and we were home just as the rain began in earnest. Husband had DVD’ed the Packers game and there we were, snug as bugs in a rug on a...


Chicken Crosses Road You’re on the peck today.   What Grampa?   Chickens in a barnyard will peck at one another to establish their priority. The aggressive ones intimidate the others to establish a pecking order.   You’re challenging everyone you run across today....

Taking Stock

Stocks And Thanksgiving The stock market continues to be as irrational as an unhappy teenager. Corporate profits are at an all time high at levels that would support a Dow Jones Industrial Average three thousand points higher, were investors not so spooked by debt levels here and...

Musings on the Coast

Beyond Posh First, the disclosure:  I am a personal mess.  My clothes are of no discernable style.  My shoes are scruffy and sometimes do not match.  My hair is uncombed.  My home in Laguna is a mish-mash of styles, junk, discarded objects never thrown away, paintings that belong...
Posted On 23 Nov 2011

Local Currents

Getting Past Veneers   What would it have been like to live in Laguna Beach 100 years ago? The idea of an undeveloped coastal town is idyllic: abundant open space, a pristine Pacific teeming with sea life and a slower pace.   I’m writing this column as I travel to...