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Recovery I’m glad to see you up, I heard you were sick.   No, Grampa, I was very sick.   Oh, I thought you had the flu.   No. I had influenza, And it was very serious. Grandma Clay said they almost lost me.   Well, that was serious.   Yes, it was.  ...

Musings on the Coast

My Son the Football Player My son Harrison is a football player and I have failed.  He is only 16 and I never meant this to happen.  He is gentle, kind and a musician, and is the family peacemaker.  After all, his two siblings are older girls and though they were a bit hard on...
Posted On 02 Jun 2011

McWeather or Not

Hurricane Season Touches Down You can’t ask for a nicer Memorial Day than today. Notoriously cloudy, today is quite the wonderful exception thanks to yesterday’s Aleutian blaster, which swept things clean, so clean that Catalina Island looks like you could almost reach out and...

Taking Stock

House Prices Down, Stock Dividends Up Stocks ended May on an upbeat, then sold off the first chance they got in June. These Midsummer Eve antics are likely to continue until the fall, when markets normally firm up. The next clear direction will come in a few weeks as second...


Memorial Day Grampa will we go to the cemetery this year? Only if you want to. You’re too old to drag anyplace. It would be better to go before the picnic.. Yeah. could we go early? That way you won’t be anxious. And get cranky. I don’t get cranky and I’m not anxious. Oh yes you...

Double Digit Returns From Blue Chip Stocks

The stock market hit some slick spots, skidded but remained on the road. From now to the fall is a traditionally less dynamic period for stocks, summed up by the old saying, “Sell in May and go away.” Even if seasonal waning of buying enthusiasm for stocks makes their prices...