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Taking Stock

What To Do Now? It’s still the same old story, a fight between fear and greed. After the sound and fury of recent market swings, stocks seem to be stabilizing around nine percent below the levels at which they began the year. Disappointing, yes, but hardly the disaster some...

Musings on the Coast

The Birth of the Discovery Science Center   Earlier, I described the non-profit Art Spaces Irvine (ASI) and its program to put public art in Irvine, a program eventually killed by then Irvine City Councilwoman Christina Shea. Nevertheless, out of ASI came two seminal ideas:...
Posted On 19 Aug 2011

Beach Buzz

By Kedric Francis Latitude 33 Bookshop is closing, and it’s all my fault. The store on Ocean Avenue has been part of my regular Laguna Beach routine since it opened some 15 years ago.  I adore the store; there’s something about a really good bookstore that draws me in wherever I...

Local Currents

Exporting Laguna Love   Picking up a new custom surfboard is still one of my favorite material experiences. Perfect glass, tinted resin, so many fin choices these days. The tools we ride are truly pieces of art.   It’s even more exciting when I’m bringing that art...

McWeather or Not

Sunrises Gone Missing Temperatures continue to run five to 10 degrees below normal across much of the West Coast as they have all summer with very few exceptions. A stubborn low pressure trough has been loitering just off the coast of Oregon and Washington setting up a nearly...

Guest Column

Getting Out From Behind the Wheel By Andy Hedden   A funny thing happened last summer on my way back from the market. My Honda of 19 years finally gave up the ghost. Passed on.  Kicked the hubcap.  Right in the middle of the street. Right in front of my driveway. My...