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Get Out of the House

Reading Really Pays Off  There we were, surrounded by supersized butterflies, gorillas and giraffes. The air filled with the sounds of a great waterfall and the screech of monkeys. All while eating a really good cheeseburger. No, we weren’t at the Wild Animal Park or the Zoo. I...

Is it 1973 Again?

Stocks greeted the New Year with a nice rally. January market strength traditionally forecasts an up year for stocks although the misadventures of the past two years have left investors skeptical of tradition. Even though there will be further misadventures, I believe that...

Laguna Observed

Resolutions 2010 Of course you don’t make New Year’s resolutions. I’m certainly not accusing you of such a thing. No sophisticated, grounded, pragmatic or even dreamer person over the age of 12 makes New Year’s resolutions. Preposterous. Nor am I about to...
Posted On 01 Jan 2010

Wisdom Workout

Taking On The New Year Challenge   “I could never tell if it was opportunity or the wolf knocking.” Anne Ellis wrote in “The life of an Ordinary Woman” (1929). Do you avoid taking a deeper look into your present conditions because of the overwhelming harshness of your...

Weather or Not

Highlights of 2009 By Dennis McTighe     Hottest Days: 93° – Aug. 28, Nov. 3 Coldest Nights: 34° – Jan. 8, Dec. 21 Strongest Wind: 47 m.p.h. from the WNW on Monday, Dec. 14 Highest Barometer: 30.32 inches on Nov. 3 Lowest: 29.53 inches on Dec. 14 Warmest...

Village Matters

Ten Percent into a New Century     Far away from Laguna, into a different life, a life of family that takes us in when we are orphans of Christmas time. Stories of love and sadness, of imperfect childhoods making new patterns in fresh lives that could have been more...