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Guest Column

Temporary Shelter: A Home on Wheels    Each time I’ve attempted to own a home, I’ve lost it by a natural disaster or relational tsunami. Cases in point, our family home in Texas, the early death of my father and subsequent fire; condo in California, the end of a...

Get Out of the House

Summer Pageantry I’ll admit it here. I’m a pageant mom. Not the “Toddlers and Tiaras” kind, thankfully, but a Pageant of the Masters pageant mom.  And speaking of pageantry, we recently attended for the first time that spectacle of pageantry, Medieval Times. While these two...

McWeather or Not

Summer As it Should Be Howdy, weather fans, hope you have enjoyed the first third of summer 2011. This time around there’s been plenty to enjoy. Lots of sunshine, minimal marine layer, three healthy south swells which already equals all last summer’s output, and much warmer...

Guest column

Dog Days of Laguna  By Mark D. Crantz   I love Laguna because Laguna loves dogs. Dogs are special.  Spelled backward its God.  Makes you wonder about cats. Tac? Got me? I’m sticking with dogs. Dogs are unconditional love personified.  Whoever you are, the good, the bad or...

Culture Karma

Mother Knows Best By Randy Kraft   I grew up in New York and spent most of my Saturday afternoons at the Metropolitan Museum or at elegant uptown galleries. If it was free, we were there. My mother was an immigrant, determined to expose her only daughter to what she believed...

Local Currents

Endless Summer   Dave Vanderveen “Too much of a good thing is wonderful.” Mae West.   Sometimes life is too good in Laguna Beach. When the water is in the high 60s and low 70s, I really wish I could grow gills or at least fur and flippers. Now with the massive kelp forests...