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A Will to Change Hi Grampa. Hi Sweetie. Grampa? Yes Olivia. I love your house. You do? Do you know what I like the best about it? What do you like the best? I like the best that you’re here. What are you looking for Grampa? It should be in here somepl…. Ah, Here we go, it’s a...

Musings on the Coast

Cousin Darold From Kansas   Cousin Darold Longhofer and his wife, Barbara, arrived from Kansas the other day. He was here on business, but also pleasure, so he brought Barb. It had been more than 20 years since he had visited California and he was not impressed.   “Too damn...
Posted On 15 Jul 2011

Village Matters

Keeping Efforts in Sync  Tears welled in the eyes of at least one attendee 52 years ago, on June 28, 1959, when our local hospital was dedicated. “When the South Coast Community Hospital made the deadline…it was a miracle of achievement over difficulties. The dedication...

Wisdom Workout

A Window into Limbo Land                 Death was not to be a leap: it was to be a long descent under thickening shadows.                                                                             George Elliot – The Mill on the Floss(1860)   My mother is 88. She has...

Taking Stock

Deficit? What Deficit? During my years in the Navy, I used several foreign language pocket phrase books provided by the Defense Department. Originally produced by the War Department for use after the landings in Normandy, later editions in many doubtlessly unforeseen languages...

McWeather or Not

Chubasco Heaven! It’s a beautiful Tuesday afternoon here in Lagunaville. Conditions at 2 p.m.: sunny skies, light SSE breeze with clean blue skies; the air seems cleaner when a SE breeze blows. It’s when a west wind blows it’s hazier, almost an industrial air look to it like it...