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Hot Dish

Alessa in Laguna Beach By Patty Pinto My motis operandi requires dining at a restaurant on several occasions before critiquing. I broke my own rule regarding Alessa in Laguna Beach because it is worthy of a first time food critique.  Especially since I have kvetched about having...
Posted On 30 Jun 2011

McWeather or Not

Summer Delights It’s Tuesday, June 28, and on this date in 1992 there were two strong earthquakes here in Southern California. The first one struck at 4:59 a.m. under the desert town of Landers about 115 miles from Laguna. The shaker was a strong one measuring 7.4. Just three...

Village Matters

Cottage Sequel  It just happened that the beginning of my planned trip to Italy with my nieces coincided with the council’s decision on the “final solution” for the cottages at Big Bend.  I had done all I could think of, to no avail.  I was sorry to hear by email that the council...


From the Stretch I’m going to start on Thursday, Do you want to come to the game?   I’d better not; I might get too excited, And have a coronary.   Why would you get too excited?   Because you’re going to hurt somebody, With that uncontrollable fast ball, You have...

Guest column

 It Takes a Community to Preserve Open Space Laguna’s several hundred acres of remaining open land graces the entire town with marvelous views, wildlife habitat, and colorful native shrubs. For a small price, the open space initiative Laguna Greenbelt and many other groups are...

Get Out of the House

Summer of Change  We have recently learned that Maggie’s four closest friends will be moving away from Laguna sometime this summer. Three are moving to Newport and one is going all the way to Arizona. This is a lot of change for one little girl to handle and we’ve had some very...