Tree-Topping Rules Need Further Pruning

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I would like to call upon the new City Council to once again re-address the issue of view preservation and restoration in Laguna Beach in the area of vegetation, particularly trees.

The Design Review Board regulates views in all areas except this one. The “good neighbor” ways of past decades, where we all kept our trees near roof height, or if we lived on slopes, at upper fence height, is not working anymore. There are pockets all over town with this problem.

When purchasing our house in 1974, we paid a high premium for each room viewing the beach. For many years neighbors cooperated and there was no problem.  Now our street has a tree wall between houses and beach views. The families on our street have followed all the advice of the city planning department, paid for lacing, and tried all means of communication with the tree owners but with temporary and meager results. The families in Laguna Beach in this same situation need City Council help.

Another concern with this wall of flammable trees is fire safety since part of our street burned in 1993.


Cathi Sassin, Laguna Beach

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