Unhappy Constituent



Peter J. French’s letter to the editor regarding the skateboard fiasco and arrogant City Council and City Hall is one of the best letters I have ever read. (“Skateboard Ban Courts a Challenge,” Letters, April 22)

When the city put a parking money machine in Lang Park that was it for me. A pre-school, community events and parents of 100s of kids who may have no city parking sticker shouldn’t have to pay to drop children off or go to their activities or the school.

The city manager makes $249,000 a year, which, with benefits, I am sure is much more. City department managers make mucho bucks and even Elizabeth Pearson has said more than once, these salaries and the huge amounts paid in pensions will eventually bankrupt the city.

Peter French describes perfectly the aloof dreamstate the City Council is in.

Whatever you do, Mr. French, keep that skateboard rolling.


Roger Carter, Laguna Beach

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