Unhappy With Curbing Skateboarding



Laguna Beach city government is so far from reality that it is no laughing matter.

Giving skateboarders tickets for not skating against traffic is insane. Years ago the law said bike riders should  ride against traffic and so many people were killed and maimed, the law was changed.

Is Police Chief Workman trying to kill off the skateboarders?

Banning skateboarding on Bluebird Canyon Dr., Morningside  Dr., Alta  Vista Way and Summit Dr. is as dumb as the marijuana laws. Is the city trying to criminalize young people who happen to live in the hillls? Skateboarding is one means of transportation.

Mr. Bernstien’s statement, “If you encourage the bottom part of the tourist market, you loose the top end, with the top end refraining from coming into downtown Laguna.”

Hey, wait a minute. You broke federal postal laws when your group stuck anti-skateboarding notices on mail boxes. This is a town of top end, world-class skateboarders and Peter J. French’s idea for a Park Avenue competition is great.

The skateboarders are not going away, but it’s time Police Chief Workman retires and collects his $175,000 plus annual retirement benefit.

Roger Carter, Laguna Beach

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  1. What makes Pearson and Iseman smarter than the PTC? The PTC are proven traffic experts specializing in Laguna Beach. They crunched the numbers and came up with regulations that fit the bill for this issue. They are not going to keep all skateboarders safe, just like all the traffic lights, stop signs, lighted crosswalks etc., do not keep every pedestrian safe.
    I personally was at a closed meeting with Councilman Boyd, VERY bright members of the PTC and SNAG members. PTC members and Mr. Boyd vehemently expressed to SNAG that their war against skateboarders was wasted energy. They recommended that SNAG put their money and efforts towards fighting drunk drivers and child molesters if they wanted to do something good for the community. SNAG refused to listen… Choose “Board over Bored”!!!


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