Uphill Neighbors Oppose Another Rooftop Deck

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I want a rooftop deck. I have a flat roof, but the city won’t let me because roof decks are not allowed in Laguna. I’m confused because it seems like the Coast Inn project is proposing a huge outdoor deck on their roof.

With all the problems already occurring with a couple other decks, I don’t understand why the city would allow this to even be considered. The required variance adds another story on top of the roof, even though they say it is not. When you add two covered stair cases, elevator shaft, heat lamps, umbrellas and a 42-foot guardrail, then yes, it’s adding another full story and taking away my ocean view, not to mention making a giant building.

Planning is trying to work with developers by making decks smaller etc. but if they are not allowed and have so many complaints, why are planners leading the developer in a direction that is not allowed?   Why are the planners not standing up to them and standing up for the rights of the tax paying residents?

For everyone living up canyon, it will bring additional noise that will reverberate all the way to Bluebird Canyon and affect everyone above Coast Highway. With the lighting, it will take away the darkened night we now enjoy and be lit up with all the deck lighting, and music.

The residents overlooking and near the Coast Inn/Boom Boom Room project were never notified of the project since they are more than 300 feet or a block away.

The developers are asking for variances and allowed use that was never intended for that location and are asking to be “grandfathered” in and then building a huge project well over what was the existing use.

Let’s thank our council and planners for keeping Laguna, Laguna and not allowing us to turn into Huntington Beach.

Larry Lewis, Laguna Beach

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  1. Larry if you haven’t noticed there are a handful of individuals/businesses that are allowed to get away with anything in this town and are actually supported by our city government. I can’t imagine why that would be. It’s ok for Paul but not for Peter. It’s amazing what variances Paul receives.


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