Utility Ignores Concerns Over Nuclear Waste Disposal



About 100 people show up at all of the Southern California Edison meetings about their plans to decommission San Onofre. Serious concerns are raised and ignored.

SCE is continuing without changing any part of its plan when concerns are raised. They are moving fast. Dangerous decisions are about to be finalized. In Germany the nuclear industry shut down after Fukushima because 100,000 people went into the streets. Germany is going renewable and recycling every drop of water in all homes and businesses. They are facing the future. SCE is not.

Please attend the Nuclear Regulatory Commission public hearing in Carlsbad Monday, Oct. 27, from 6 to 9. The NRC will be presenting SCE’s plan to decommission SONGS and taking public comment.

SCE has a new president announced this morning. Areva, one of two vendors being considered and the favored company from France to build our nuclear waste dump, just got a new president announced this morning. In France its stock is down 40 percent, but SCE is about to send over $1 billion its way. The utility’s plan is to leave 150 dry storage casks on our ocean at San Onofre for 60 years or indefinitely in casks expected to have corrosion cracking within 30 years with a clear potential the casks will be too brittle to move at all by the Department of Energy’s first possible date of removal in 2049.

After an earthquake or a firestorm we rebuild.  It might take years.  After a nuclear accident we move away for tens of thousands of years.

The meeting takes place at Omni La Costa, 2100 Costa Del Mar Road, Carlsbad, Calif.

Marni Magda, Laguna Beach

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