View Rules Need Revision Again



I urge, more like beg, you to vote no on the current final draft of the view ordinance.  This ordinance does nothing to protect the wonderful views in Laguna Beach.

If the irresponsible neighbor who refuses to trim his trees is allowed to negate the new ordinance by withholding his consent, then what has this ordinance accomplished?

Why should a resident be required to pay 100 percent of the cost to enforce the city’s ordinance?

Why should long-term residents who purchased their property with a blocked view when there was no recourse available now be excluded from the new view ordinance?

A year ago I attended the April 30 view ordinance meeting at City Hall.  I was very impressed with the committee, the tone of the meeting, and where they were headed.

I am now aghast at what has transpired in one year. Please send this draft back for revision.

Judy J. Brennan, Laguna Beach

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