A Vision for a Shared Road


Regarding Sandi Cain’s complaint (“Stepping on the Soapbox for Sidewalks,” Sept. 30)

that a few zealots have been writing too many letters advocating more biking in town, I tip my hat to Les McCloskey, Charles Alban, Justin Gersh, Michael Hoag and Chris Prelitz for their tireless efforts to reduce traffic and pollution while increasing the health and wellness of our community through human powered mobility.


There’s an old saying in marketing that an advertisement must be run a minimum of three times to make an impression. These concerned citizens have clearly made an impression on our eco conscious council with the passing of sharrow lanes in North Laguna. This is a terrific start. But much work remains.


We need many more bike racks in and around town, as well as sharrows along Glenneyre and other southerly routes. Why not commission some students at LCAD to create some sculptural racks that will double as community art? I for one am doing my part by producing a Laguna bike tour map that makes a stunning coastal, canyon and neighborhood loop through North and South Laguna without ever using Coast Highway. Yes, it is possible. I plan to distribute it throughout town for free.


We can be that shining beacon of a California town where motorists share the road with a cavalcade of bikers, strollers, and mass transit. What a beautiful vision.


Billy Fried, Laguna Beach

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