Visual Art Lends Backing to Others Arts Groups

Festival of Arts Foundation board members toast community band performers.

The Festival of Arts Foundation has awarded the Laguna Community Concert Band a $5,000 grant to support the continued growth of the band, the education of its members, and to assist in the bands scholarship program.

In addition, the foundation also recently awarded a grant to the Laguna Beach Chorale for its work in producing concerts of classical choral music in the community and to the Laguna Plein Air Painters Association for help in the expansion of a new youth workshop program.

The foundation’s mission, established in 1989 to award scholarships to graduates of Laguna Beach High School and grants to local nonprofit art organizations and educational institutions, was divided in 2007. Since then, the Festival of Arts assumed financial responsibility for art scholarships, enabling the foundation to focus on local non-profit art organizations.

To date, the Festival of Arts along with the Foundation cumulatively has awarded nearly $2 million in grants to the art community in Laguna Beach and over $2.6 million in scholarships.

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