Volleyball Schedule Changes Announced

The Victoria Beach Co-Ed Four-Man tournament after over 50 years as a Labor Day Weekend Tradition became a victim to the local ban on volleyball. The locals still found time to issue a commemorate shirt to recognize the annual event.

With school back in session and in-classroom instruction just a few weeks away, the new fall/winter sports season is getting into “pre-season” training.

Girls Volleyball (49th Season under SSCIF Sponsorship)

Schedule Updates:

Tuesday Jan. 19 Huntington Beach *

Thursday Feb. 4 @ Huntington Beach *

* Sunset Surf League Match

The Huntington Beach matches and Coach Shawn Patchell’s Men’s collegiate schedule at Concordia conflict on both scheduled Huntington matches. Revised schedule dates will be expected later this fall.

Boys Volleyball (50th Season at Laguna)

Schedule update: The 48th Annual Orange County Championships will be held Friday and Saturday Dec. 18 and 19. Laguna has won nine previous tournament titles.

Labor Day Weekend Volleyball

The COVID-19 world in Laguna Beach has prevented volleyball on our local public beaches but nature finds a way. Although the annual co-ed Victoria Beach Four-Man was cancelled after over 50 continuous years, many of the regulars were included in an impromptu local tournament held over the weekend to help keep the Labor Day weekend tradition alive.

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