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This is a critical moment in the educational lives of Laguna’s children. As the mother of three who attend school in Laguna Beach, I am compelled to express my concern and hope at this crucial time and urge you to consider the candidacy of Tammy Keces. As our school district is poised to inaugurate the new state-mandated Common Core standards, it is up to each district to choose how the changes will be implemented.  We have a unique opportunity to get this right! In the upcoming school board election, we need to choose a leader who has the credentials, knowledge, ability, and passion to be sensitive to the needs of the whole child, to answer those needs creatively, and to implement the new core curriculum with skill.

Laguna Beach is a high performing school district, rated No. 113 in the state and No. 588 in the nation according to U.S. News and World Report, while some public schools in our neighboring communities have reached the top 30 in the state and top 100 in the nation. With our new forward-thinking assistant superintendent and the chance to elect new forward-thinking school board members, with the tremendous resources provided by our generous community and access to our talented educators, we have the foundation to build an exemplary educational community with the highest level of student achievement.

Tammy Keces is an educator and mother who grew up in Laguna Beach and has the fresh ideas and the will to facilitate the best practices of the common core. Tammy will provide leadership, vision, and balanced support for all members of the educational community — parents, teachers, administrators, and students. The contributions and vision she will bring as a board member are grounded in considerable research, practical experience, and a strong background in education. Tammy is eminently qualified to take our schools to the next level of excellence, engaging our kids and giving them the best support and skills for their future endeavors. Please vote for Tammy. We need her!

To read Tammy’s full biography, visit: http://www.smartvoter.org/2012/11/06/ca/or/vote/keces_t/bio.html


Jenny Jerome Jeffers, Laguna Beach

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