Who Needs a Voter’s Guide?


Take a northbound trolley to Diver’s Cove and walk through a totally new Heisler Park and check out these three great and recently installed public art pieces near Monument Point and south of the lawn bowling area: our 9/11 “Semper Memento” by Jorg Dubin, the big 16-foot “Breaching Whale” by Jon Seeman adjacent to the new amphitheater and just installed, two wonderful rock benches and gears by Scott and Naomi Schoenherr.

The new step-up drinking fountain is a eye-full and end your walk at the coolest place in the park, the gazebo near Las Brisas.

More reasons to vote for the incumbents for city council, Jane Egly and Verna Rollinger.


Roger Carter, Laguna Beach

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